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Seeing your own credit rating report is quite straight-forward and now you can do so over the web.

This service lets you:

  • See what information is on your credit report
  • Comment or explain any defaults or adverse data
  • Amend any misleading or inaccurate data
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I wanted to see my credit report and have just seen it online. Great service! Thank you.

T.W. Leicester 

Very quick and easy. My husband and I both checked our credit reports before applying for a mortgage.

Mrs. S.R. Dorset 
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Get a Better Credit Score
Have you ever been refused credit? Before granting credit or approving a mortgage, banks and finance lenders will check your credit report first with a credit reference agency. The credit agency will not make the decision or apply the credit limit - that is decided by the lender. But the lender will combine the information they know about you and what you may have told them, with the information on the credit check which they obtain. The credit agencies can provide credit risk guidelines in their report in the form of a credit score, and the lenders often also apply their own credit score, which may take some account of the credit agency score. To get a better credit score you need to be recorded on the Electoral Roll so that lenders can see that you are officially recorded as living somewhere, and ideally you should not be moving your address too frequently. Keeping all your monthly accounts and bill payments prompt will help, as many companies share their data with credit agencies. Having no CCJs (county court judgments) and no defaults on loans is obviously important too.

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Your credit report is held by a credit reference agency which lenders use when deciding whether to make you an offer and what interest to charge you.

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